Friday, April 11th, 2014

Television watching with a media box is an emerging trend. You do not compromise with the picture quality or the content. This gives you full liberty to choose the videos you prefer to watch. Inarguably each one of us would be interested to switch to this modern way of TV viewing. However you would not appreciate it if the setup process is too complex. Presently there are several service providers of media boxes but Cloudberry stands apart from them.

Cloudberrybox is incredibly easy to setup. You get high definition movies and TV show streaming services. Cloudberry media box player also offers you a 100 GB Streamcub coupon. If you have a HDTV with a HDMI slot and an active internet connection you can simply install Cloudberry without any problems. Cloudberry comes with an SD card slot, two USB ports, HDMI connector and an Ethernet port.

You have more than 3000 titles to choose from when you intend to watch movies. You no longer need to pay a monthly fee to the service provider. Simply pay for what you watch. You might also want to watch Live TV. Cloudberry brings you all your favorite shows at ease. The remote provided with the Cloudberry device is actually a full QWERTY keyboard that makes it easy for you to search for your favorite programs. Cloudberry also offers you an instant search. Sometimes searching for your favorite programs can be a tiresome experience. Cloudberry assists in finding them for you. Therefore you are able to find the desired program quickly. The entire Cloudberry media box experience comes with HD picture quality and 5.1 Dolby surround sound.

Reviews of satisfied customers speak volumes about its success. Online TV and movie streaming simply got better with the Cloudberry media box. It also comes with a money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied. What else do you need? Switch to this innovative TV viewing experience now.

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Sony is all set to introduce Xperia T2 Ultra and E1 smartphones. Both these handsets are designated for the emerging markets in Asia. These phones can be classified as mid range phones with some special features. Here we look at the pros and cons of the E1 phone.


The Sony Xperia E1 has a unique feature. It boasts of a 100 decibel speaker. Undoubtedly music quality will be outstanding. Look wise this phone looks similar to its other Xperia predecessors. The significant difference being this phone has a tempered glass front.


The 4 inch screen’s display resolution is not very impressive. According to experts Sony compromised with this feature in order to keep its price down. Same goes with the 1.2GHz processor and 4GB of storage space.

The Sony Xperia T2 Ultra is much larger compared to the E1. It boasts of a whopping 6 inch screen with 1280×720 resolution. The T2 Ultra comes with 1.4GHz quad core Snapdragon 400 processor. This ensures the phone’s performance to be ultimate. Other notable features of this phone are 13 MP camera with lots of bundled apps to suit clicking pictures. The browsing speeds from this phone are also good.


The only drawback of this phone is it comes with only 8GB storage. This phone will suit consumers who prefer watching videos on the move. Both these phones have their target audiences. They are expected to do well in the phone arena.

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Weight loss issues trouble millions of people. For many this is a nightmare as they believe they have to undergo a strenuous routine. The fact is a moderate change in your lifestyle is all that is needed. You are not required to toil at the gym or starve yourself. Simply by changing your food habits and at least half an hour of effective walking exceptional results can be achieved.

Being overweight makes you vulnerable to multiple health problems. Health problems like diabetes, acute pain in the knee, spine or legs and back pain can affect you severely. You need to stick to a proper plan scheduled by an expert to begin. Many commit the mistake of taking weight loss pills or fad diets as they are advertised regularly. The enviable body of the models you see on television who promote these products are not permanent solutions and can actually harm you in the long run. There are innumerable instances where people have encountered adverse results in trying to achieve weight loss with the so called “magic products for weight loss”.

Lack of motivation is a serious problem from most in a weight loss mission. If you are looking to get tips on staying focused on your goals search for them online. You are destined to find them in quick time. Utilize the success stories of others who have successfully overcome their overweight problems. This can trigger your impulse so that you are determined in your task.

The most important thought has to be put in the dietary regime. Introduce a lot of greens in your diet. Take dairy products in moderation. Include fats and proteins in your diet in the required proportion. Avoid high calorie foods as much as possible. You can prepare variety of foods to make your diet interesting. Remember the key is to burn more calories than you consume. This is what it takes to overcome the excess fat of your body.

You can begin doing moderate exercises as well along with walking. Keep telling yourself that you need to walk the distance instead of using any other means of communication. Gradually this will become a habit. This practice is going to help you a ton. . Losing weight was never a difficult process. It is just that people are too anxious to begin. Introduce these subtle changes in your life before things get out of hand.


Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

This is an era for breakthrough advancements towards finding potential means for human well being. The procedure to lose weight is no longer a complicated one. Consistent findings of 100% natural supplements have made the mission of overweight people lot easier. Clinical studies have established the influence of a natural supplement Green Coffee bean extract in effective weight loss. This natural supplement furthermore has other potential health benefits.

Green coffee beans have an active ingredient known as Cholorogenic acid that has the fat burning properties. The conventional coffee loses this essential property since it is roasted at high temperatures. Green coffee bean extracts on the other hand are availed in its pure form. A small study conducted showed exceptional results in favour of the green coffee bean extract being able to induce weight loss. The role of the Cholorogenic acid is to restrain glucose release into the blood that happens naturally once you have finished a meal. This helps everyone to lose weight eventually.

Another essential role of the Cholorogenic acid is its ability to trigger body heat. This in turn promotes the natural burning of fat into energy. The regeneration of new fat cells is minimized considerably due to the presence of antioxidants. Green coffee bean extract being a natural supplement does not have any damaging side effects. It can be used in combination with other supplements too.

The dosage of the green coffee bean extract is a determinant factor for weight loss. Remember for a start high doses are recommended. The dose has to be 800mg before meals. These days the physicians are also recommending the use of this natural supplement. Albeit green coffee bean extracts have changed the way people used to carry on their weight loss mission. It is not a miracle supplement by any means therefore it may take some time before results are visible. You can practically start losing weight doing nothing. Make the green coffee bean extract supplement a regular habit in your dietary regime today.


Saturday, October 19th, 2013


Side effects of Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketones have helped people to achieve their weight loss milestones. This has encouraged several others to get the supplement to help their cause as well. Before trying any new weight loss supplement people want to find out the side effects of its constant usage. Supplements have an important role to play in your body. Therefore it pays to get information on its side effects. If we analyze the raspberry ketones the concern about its side effects is going to be minimized. Here let us take look:

1. As the name suggests raspberry ketones are made from raspberries. Supplementary form of raspberry ketone may also contain Acai Berry extract, apple cider, vinegar, kelp, grape fruit extract , African Mango extract, and Reseveratol.

2. This supplement aids your metabolism and its antioxidant feature help prevent aging.

3. Generally these supplements hardly have any side effects. In exceptional cases this opinion might get differed.

4. Side effects so far reported are jittery feelings, sudden increase in blood pressure.

5. Some people have also reported an unexpected feeling of anxiety.

6. This supplement is best avoided by pregnant ladies.

None of the side effects stated above have lasted for more than an hour. Overall raspberry ketones can be deemed to be totally safe. In case you have doubts the doctor can be consulted.

Saturday, October 19th, 2013


Raspberry Ketone Overview



There have been countless products and supplements aimed to aid weight loss. However the effectiveness of these products is often questionable.  Most of these products fall short of the expectations. The reviews made by consumers trying a specific weight loss product should be the preferred choice rather than those products that claim a lot and deliver little. Raspberry Ketone in the recent times is being regarded as one of the best weight loss products. Raspberry Ketone is a natural compound present in the raspberry fruit. This compound is notable in regulating the metabolism.

Raspberry Ketone Dosage

Raspberry Ketone has been clinical in aiding obese people for weight loss. Understandably the raspberry ketone supplement has become the most sought weight loss supplement. There is some perplexity about the accurate dosage. Usually the dosage varies depending on the requirements of individuals. The factors include your weight loss goals, the type of supplement you are taking and your diet. In this article we will focus on helping you understand the raspberry ketone dosage. Pure Raspberry Ketone 500mg is the most common dosage.

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It is important to know the way raspberry ketone works. This can help in evaluating the dosage. Here let us take a look:

    1. Workability of raspberry ketones are identical to chili pepper extract capsaicin supplement minus the heartburn.
    2. One of the salient points of raspberry ketone is it will increase your body temperature.
    3. People using raspberry ketones often report of feeling warm even in cold conditions.
    4. The increased body temperature triggers the metabolism process.
    5. The increase in metabolism is known to be beneficial for fat loss.

Analyzing these features the experienced health practitioners recommend the following:

    1. Raspberry ketones should be taken at least half an hour before meals.
    2. Your appetite will get diminished before you take your meal.
    3. You can take at least 200mg of raspberry ketone supplement in a day.
    4. If you take 100mg of this supplement daily you can still find it useful in your weight loss mission.

Now the above features include the dosage of raspberry ketone. Some supplements can also have other ingredients. In that case you will need to adjust your diet accordingly. Raspberry ketones being a natural substance you will not encounter any severe side effects. You might feel “warmer” than before. All the excess raspberry ketone will get expelled from your body.

Anyone who is looking to get the benefits of this supplement can start using the 100mg bottles. Also ensure to consult with a health care professional to determine the most appropriate dosage.